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Tech Transfer Intern 2019

This individual would spend 10 weeks at BTI and Cornell with the Plant Genome Research Program undergraduate interns, and be paired with a mentor from BTI’s Technology Transfer Office. The student selected for this internship will learn about all aspects of the technology transfer process (patents and patent portfolio management, technology marketing, negotiating agreements and licenses, business development, and entrepreneurship as it relates to research-based startup companies) while exploring career paths related to the field of technology transfer. In addition to gaining practical experience in the daily operations of a technology transfer office, this individual will have the opportunity to meet with professionals working in a variety of technology transfer roles, including patent attorneys, scientists, licensing officers, entrepreneurs, and more. Finally, during their internship, the student will work with their mentor to develop and complete a related project which they will present at the 2019 PGRP Summer Symposium. The opportunity will be open to a current undergraduate or a senior graduating spring 2019, who shows an interest in exploring a career path related to technology transfer (i.e. the patent process, patent portfolio management, technology marketing, licensing, business development, entrepreneurship, and/or research-based startup companies). Preference will be given to students studying life sciences.